APAC-Central’s innovative and exciting program has hit its one-year mark!

APAC-Central has been paving the way for the next generation of driving professionals, as it established the Driving Academy in May of 2022. Located in Northwest Arkansas, the driving academy aims to empower its students to embark on successful and fulfilling driving careers and produce skilled drivers who exemplify professionalism, responsibility, and a commitment to excellence. This exciting program will aid and assist their students in earning their Class A or B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). These students receive one-on-one instruction as they complete DOT’s Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements.

The Driving Academy is operated and trained by Russell E. Kirkpatrick, MPA, and Stephen D. Ricker, MS. Kirkpatrick serves as the Chief Instructor who implemented the new Class A and B Commercial Driver’s License program. He originally started his instructing career with Tyson Foods as a CDL Recruiter and Trainer and later transitioned to a Chief Instructor at Northwest Arkansas Community College. As an instructor, his favorite part of the job is seeing his students pass the CDL exam. In his free time, he loves to hunt and fish. Ricker, the Assistant Trainer, is most fulfilled around students who want to improve themselves. He began his professional career at Walmart Aviation working as an Aircraft Technician, Maintenance Controller, and Safety Manager. Ricker transitioned into the driving field as a shuttle driver and went on to obtain his Commercial Driver’s License certification with endorsements in hazardous materials, combinations, and doubles/triples. Outside work, he likes to be outdoors, boating, or spending time with his family.

Thank you to Russ and Stephen for their dedication to the school!

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